Our talented staff of engineers and technical specialists are available to help our customers in many parts of work such as giving the advice for customer products, supervisor and check the value in substation system and solve the problems that happening. We are pleasure to service for your project to meet all requirement the best we can do.

Electrical Substation Engineering Design

Timpano skilled engineers can provide clients with the engineering design process for your products including schematics, wiring diagram, designs and specifications for all projects. With our Quality Assurance (QA) procedure, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need.

Electrical Substation Control and Protection System

You can greatly assure the quality of our product because we produce with the standard’s control and we have quality control (QC) process along every progress as well. Moreover, our engineers and team always willingly support the customer every steps of work. Beginning with the products installation at the substation which we will set directly with specification. Meanwhile using the products, if there are questions or problems, we always ready to help and consult with our customers. About the quality control, we will supervise system punctually and follow the standard for maintaining work performance.

Electrical Power Transmission and Analysis for any fault occurrences

When electrical fault occurs, there are many causes such as from weather conditions, equipment failures or human errors, etc. and the effect may create damages from small to large such as over current, danger to operating personnel or loss of equipment. Thus, our engineer team will check the broken devices and analyse for causes and have a maintenance process.