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Our Mission

“Striving to develop the products and services quality continuously in accordance with a requirement and satisfaction of the customers with participating of our team”

Overall Business

The service business of the company into the engineering and construction projects to all of the customers shall have as follows:-

Medium / High Voltage / Extra High Voltage Substation Engineering Design and Construction Project (or EPC)

Electrical Substation Installation, Testing, Commissioning

Solution Engineering for problems solving, such as Power Transformer Monitoring

Our Products

Many kinds of control and protection panel used in electrical substation with high quality and good design

FRTU can enable person to control the device in SCADA system remotely. 

The efficiency system for controlling electrical equipment in substation: SAS, SCPS, CSCS, SCADA , RTU etc.

AC-DC Panel are used for controlling the electricity includes a wide range of AC DC.

The instrument which allow connection to electrical grid with moveable ability or mobile.

Control board is easy for controlling in water, oil, gas or electricity system

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